Puerto Rico, b. 1978

Alvin was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is a graduate of the Esnesto Ramos Antonini music school, where he completed his middle and high-school education, with an emphasis on double bass and other musical instruments.

In 1997, he enrolled in the University of Puerto Rico, where he received an Associate degree in history. Two years later, he transferred to the University of the Sacred Heart to complete his Bachelors degree in communications. Báez began his photojournalistic career in 1999, when the weekly newspaper Claridad recruited him to cover the conflict surrounding the U.S. Navy and its use of Vieques island.

He worked there for two years, until being hired by the newspaper El Vocero when he was  just 21 years old. Over the next twelve years, his focus has been the documentation of stories with a social aspect, especially focusing on those minority communities that are marginalized and abused by larger interests.

He has won numerous awards and recognition by NGO’s, journalism organizations, and the government, including the Overseas Press Club, the Puerto Rican Journalist’s Association, and the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture. His work has been published widely in national and international publications, and he has worked with international news agencies such as Getty Images and Reuters.

Alvin Baez- Photographer

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